Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a popular growing trend globally, with an estimated 20-30 million tattooed individuals worldwide. Overtime, approximately 50% of individuals who get tattoos end up regretting a partial area or the entire tattoo. Generally, individuals will either want to remove them completely or fade them out as much as possible to allow for a new design over the old tattooed area. Over the last decade, tattoo removal has been revolutionised by q-switched lasers.

Q-switched lasers work by emitting wavelengths of light that are more highly attracted to the tattoo ink in skin than the surrounding skin. This high affinity towards tattoo inks means that they are able to remove or fade tattoos with minimal effect on the surrounding skin. Q-switched lasers work by emitting very short-lived, high energy wavelengths of light that break up the tattoo ink into smaller particles that the body can digest and remove. Their extremely short-lived pulses results in minimal heat energy transferred to the skin which ultimately reduces damage to the skin. Although q-switched laser treatments require several sessions to successfully remove or fade a tattoo, they have a higher chance of returning your skin to its previous state when compared to the other methods of tattoo removal on the market. Q-swtiched lasers allow for complete removal of the tattoo, or just to fade it so the area can be tattooed over.

At Promedic Laser & Skin, we pride ourselves on ‘Real Results & Expert Care.’ Our advanced medical- grade technology delivers clients greater levels of comfort and significantly fewer treatment sessions than virtually all alternative tattoo removal devices. Promedic Laser & Skin uses a scientifically advanced Q-Switched Nd:YAG technology that produces exceptional results in the treatment of tattoo removal.

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