Teeth Whitening


Are you tired of the colour of your teeth? Are they stained? Dull? Yellow? Don’t worry, you’re not alone & we are here to help! If your pearly whites have lost their lustre in recent years, don’t despair – there are a number of ways you can solve the problem. Here are just three reasons why you should consider whitening your teeth…

Feel More Confident

Teeth often become more stained as we get older, and smoking cigarettes and consuming certain types of food and drink can speed up the process. Many people who have stained teeth are afraid to smile in photos and even avoid social situations all together. The solution? A brighter, whiter smile. Teeth whitening can restore your teeth to their natural colour in as little as one treatment – ideal if the colour of your teeth has caused your self-esteem to plummet.

Look Younger Instantly

Yellow teeth are often associated with older people, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Improving your teeth colour can instantly make you look younger, and give you a fresh, new look. After all, no one wants to see stained, yellow teeth when you smile. Even lightening your teeth by two or three shades can have a huge impact on your appearance, and you can whiten your teeth for an upcoming special occasion such as a wedding, job interview, or birthday party.

Encourages Better Oral Hygiene

Research shows that those who invest in their smile are also more likely to have better oral hygiene. Caring about the state of your teeth doesn’t stop at whitening. It will encourage you to take better care of your teeth, such as spending more time brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting the dentist. Improving your oral hygiene can have a number of benefits including improving bad breath and preventing tooth decay and disease.

Why Choose Cosmetic Teeth Whitening at PROMEDIC Laser & Skin?

If you’re looking for a brighter, WHITER smile, Promedic Laser & Skin can help you to achieve the results you have always wanted. Unlike other treatments on the market, teeth whitening at Promedic is 100% safe, and can instantly boost your confidence and give you a fresh new look. The NATURAL teeth whitening gel used contains sodium perborate and is FREE from peroxide – which means less sensitivity. Individuals wanting a more intense strength have the option of our ‘Signature’ treatment which uses a 6% hydrogen peroxide formula to create a lasting bright smile. Using the latest in teeth whitening technology, American LED lamps are used to lighten your teeth by up to ten shades. Our teeth whitening system ‘PureSmile’ is an official partner of Miss Universe Australia 2016.

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