Chemical Peels

Peel Away The years

The skin is the body’s largest living organ, it also happens to be the most exposed.

Every time we step outside, we expose our skin to harmful ultraviolet rays, changes in climate, pollutants and other elements that cause damage to the skin. Peels can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as, fine lines and wrinkles, irregular texture, dull and sallow skin hyper-pigmentation and acne.

Exfoliation of the skin is key to maintaining healthy functioning skin. The skin naturally reproduces cells and brings new cells to the surface, however as we age this process slows down resulting in an abnormal build up of cells.

A peel provides a deeper exfoliation of the outer most layer of the stratum corneum, which in turn stimulates both cellular turnover and the internal structure of the skin, to activate and energise fibroblasts and collagen synthesis. Exfoliation of the skin also allows for optimal penetration of subsequently applied active ingredients. The depth and results of the peel depends on the strength of the chemical agents used, the type of active ingredients incorporated into the peel, the skin type and the skill of the operator.

Superficial peeling agents cause an increased slough of the outer layers of the skin resulting in a mild to moderate peeling. The superficial peeling will result in skin renewal and assists with the reduction or disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles Moderate and deeper peels cause removal of the top layer of the skin, inflammation and regeneration of the lower layers.

Promedic offers a range of peels that provide a non-invasive procedure for clients seeking highly visible results and can be customised to provide the level of exfoliation required.

Regular Professional Peels will

  • Improve skin smoothness and vitality
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assist with acne, congestion and blackheads
  • Promote firmer, younger looking skin
  • Stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production
  • Provide an overall benefit to face, neck, hands & feel
  • Minimise the appearance of scarring, sun spots and freckles

Peels @ Promedic

A gentle micro exfoliating treatment designed to soothe, hydrate and micro exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skins.

Recommended for dry, mature and sensitive skin types in need of hydration.

Chirally correct vitamin, antioxidant and hydroxy acid acid peel to renew, brighten and smooth the skin.

A cos-medical grade Vitamin A , amino acid and marine collagen peel to target visible signs of ageing and sun damage. Works on a dermal level to encourage a revitalised, smoother and more even complexion.

Assists in softening lines, wrinkles, hydration of the skin and stimulation of collagen and elastin.

A peel rich in AHA/BHA’s which improves skin texture and restores a fresh, smooth and more youthful appearance to the skin.

A cos-medical grade intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing.

For the majority of chemical peels, it is essential to thoroughly prepare the skin at home by using good quality skincare products. At Promedic, our qualified clinicians will recommend home care products to maximise skincare results and minimise any adverse reactions pre and post peel treatment.