Carbon Peel – China Doll Facial

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The carbon peel, also known as the ‘Hollywood Peel’ and ‘China Doll Facial,’ is the latest in skin rejuvenation laser treatments that tightens pores, exfoliates skin, cleanses deep pores, kills acne bacteria, reduces fine pigmented hairs, improves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces blackheads and congestion, and reduces oil flow. It is well known for its porcelain doll like finish to the skin.

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Its incredible results and subsequent fame are derived from the use of carbon. The black substance acts as a target for laser light, which is attracted to darker colours.
When the carbon is applied and massaged into the face, it enters into the pores. Once hit by laser light, the carbon heats up and ‘explodes,’ removing built up dead skin and damaging the inner walls of the pore. The heat generated induces collagen growth, reducing pore size, and improving skin texture, which would otherwise not be possible without the use of carbon.

At Promedic, we use a Medical Grade Q-Switch laser, which shatters particles in the skin and is first used to ‘clean’ the skin prior to applying carbon. This opens the pores and allows for the carbon to enter.